Nov. 3rd, 2009 12:44 am
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I’m watching way too much tv:

DWTS:  Johanna Krupa looks way better with very little make up, she looks very pretty all sweaty and in practice (ok that didn’t sound how I wanted it to sound…) but when she comes out ready to dance she’s very off putting. Looove Derek Hough, Mya and Kelly.  I’m not as excited for this season as I was for the last one but it’s ok. Fun even.

White Collar: LOOOOOOOOOOVED it …. I love a cute guy but I also love that the FBI guy is not hot (though has a pretty good body) and it’s nice to see Tiffany Amber Thiessen in an age appropriate role. Don’t get me started with June I love her. And I love that unlike all the other shows out there, there’s not just a bunch of white people and one black, latino, asian, whatever. Even though the 2 main characters are white there’s a lot more diversity than what is usually seen in tv. I had fun.

Castle: The only reason I wanted to see it was because in the Halloween episode, Jon Huertas is dressed in camo and I’m a huge fan of Generation kill, so thanks Jon you just made me a fan. This series is fun, interesting and different. Nathan Fillion is so much fun! I love him. And his daughter is so cute. And his mom is hilarious! Makes me laugh.  I like that Stana Katic is cute but is not perfect, which lately is the main reason I can stand a female protagonist in any series. I also like that in any procedural when you see a familiar face that’s the killer but that’s not a standard here. Plus yay Aldis! I’m up to episode 7 of season 1  so I just hope it keeps on being so good!  

SPN: I’m loving the new season, loving it!

Wow, I’m full of love today!


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