Jun. 20th, 2012 11:16 pm
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I don't know why but this has had me sobbing like crazy, it's "21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity" and I got it from pete wentz twitter (which is weird cause I never read his tweets)

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so, I went and I voted, and maybe we can win best sci fi show but let's review something, best actor: 1 salvatore 2 winchesters, best villain 2 SPN 1 vampire, best non human 1 angel 1 brad colbert/eric northman/Alexander Skarsgard,(I'm sorry but my love for this man is higher than my love for Misha).
it's a little bit calculated to divide votes like that, I'm a completel JA fan but sam girls are out there so we're not winning that one, I liked Crowley better but I know many many fans prefer lucy and again, Alexander Skarsgard, sorry Misha...

So, we might not win the other categories but after the whole rescheduling fiasco and the confidence we must have after the tvguide cover win, I think at least the favorite sci fi category is ours!!

so go vote,  do your fandom proud!


Jun. 23rd, 2010 10:28 pm
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it was insane!!! the match was canceled yesterday and I wanted to know how it ended. just out of curiosity, I didn't even know the players, 7 hours and some later and it's still not over!!! the longest match ever!!!! and I'm glued to my computer wondering what's going on.
the stats:
Isner has 98 aces, Mahut 95 -- both eclipsing the previous high in a match at any tournament, (78). There have been 881 points, 612 in the fifth set. Isner has compiled 218 winners, Mahut 217. Isner has only 44 unforced errors, Mahut 37.
BTW Isner is 6'9, ESPN said 6'10 but I'm trusting ATP, he is a giant!!!!! can you imagine his hands? and he looks sooooo tired!!

I have to say I was getting very tired of tennis, every other final was the same, Federer/Nadal and I really don't like either so, taking into account that tennis is the only sport I follow, I try to watch some of the first matches in any tournament. I loved the beginning of the Federer/Falla match, I really thought he was going to win and it would have been the biggest upset ever!! but as usual in tennis he choked and that was it.
can't wait til tomorrow!!


May. 27th, 2010 02:35 pm
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I miss sleeping. I've spent over 2 weeks with insomnia and it's killing me!!!
With the new job Im traveling more than ever and it's insane. There's not one plane or car that leaves at a normal time. Everytime I have to travel, I have to be ready by 4 am!!! And once I'm up I can't get to sleep.
Though I have to say I loooove my new job. I really really love it!! It's awesome!! My boss is amazing, Im learning sooo much!!!

I still havent seen the last 4 eps of SPN. I watched a bunch last sunday and loved them. This season was good and I guess Im a bit afraid to watch them cause I dont want it to be over.
Im like that, I still haven't seen the last ep of true blood even though I looove that series!
The same with Lost. I saw the first 2 seasons. Stoped watching and last year saw season 5. Which was funny because I would bug my cousin until he explained whats going on. But this season with the traveling Im behind since ep 13!! Maybe this weekend Ill lie in bed and watch tv all weekend long!!!


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