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Blue eyes freak me out.  The clear blue, almost transparent, in fact they can be green too, but the have to be clear, really, really clear.  Just a hint of color. and a black dark dot in the middle. They truly freak me out.  It’s like there’s nothing there.


Green eyes haunt me.  Yes haunt, not hunt, haunt. It’s like they are there but not, I can’t seem to find them but as I close my eyes when I go to sleep at night the first thing that comes to my mind are his green eyes.


Gray eyes make me smile.  They are uncommon and nice and they remind me of my  baby niece all gray eyes and curls and a huge laugh.  I just want to hug her and squish her.


Amber eyes frustrate me.  They are silent and I can’t understand them, I really try but I end up babbling and it pisses me off because at the end of the conversation I’m the only one who’s said more that two words.  In the end I really love them, because sad amber eyes say  way more than my nervous babbling.


Brown eyes are the norm.  everyone has them. Yet I can tell the difference, there are some so dark they are black, or others so light as honey.  Each and every one is beautiful.  They carry laughs and sadness and anger.  They are baby cute and adult handsome.  They also change.  From laughing brown to sad and troubled, I haven’t seen them change back.


Black eyes I don’t know.  I haven’t met anyone with black eyes.  I have met very dark brown, so dark they almost seem black but in the end they are not.  I’ve met a pupil so large it seems the eyes are black but you can see the outer green ring. So black is a mystery to me.  I’d like to meet black eyes, they might not be as forbidding as they seem.


Now hazel eyes are just plain weird.  They are not green, they are not brown, they are not honey nor amber.  They are a mix.  They are all and they are none.   Can you really trust a person who you can’t tell the color of their eyes?? Yes you can.   It’s not their fault they have shifty eyes, they can’t help it.  So they might be weird but I’ll wait until I know their owner before I give my final judgment.


Finally blue eyes, (because there’s no way I’m talking about red or purple eyes, to me those are just a myth, Elizabeth Taylor not withstanding) blue eyes are a sign of beauty… ok, let me just stop laughing for a sec… blue eyes are for fools, they are tricky and make you fall in love with them and then they tear you apart. You are so blinded by those beautiful blue eyes you never see what’s behind them.  I’m being a bit discriminating, I know, but I haven’t had good experiences with blue eyes, as you can tell.  Next time I meet blue eyes I’ll give them a chance, I’ll really make sure what’s behind them before I let myself be caught in their web.


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