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Yay Season 5 of SPN!!!! is it just me or this years hiatus was super short?

I must say I'm obsessed more than usually, with Jensen calling Jared son in the breakfast for the Vancouver con, the way he said it was so ahhhh I went all fangirl in my living room! it just sounded so genuine like you know that's how they talk to each other! and Jim was precious BTW thanks to agt-spooky for posting her videos for download! I loved them!

not really spoilers but under the cut anyway

LEVERAGE 2.09 )saw Adam (3rd Winchester) in the last season of ER he's so cute... and also my tv has been full of the GK actors just being the bad guys at csiny, ncis, criminal minds, etc...
but it's great to see them and go POOOKKKKEEE and if I'm with my cousin he looks at me like are u nuts?
anyway I'm trying to decide if I should watch spn now, which I did a stupid thing and was watching top chef masters in megavideo so i don't know if i'll be able to see the entire episode because megavideo only lets u see 72 minutes and it'll shut down or should i just wait til tomorrow???

i don't think i can wait....

BTW I'm a Jensen girl and he looks amazing in the pictures and videos from VanCon but Jared blew me away he looked amazing I wanted to bite him!


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