May. 27th, 2010 02:35 pm
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I miss sleeping. I've spent over 2 weeks with insomnia and it's killing me!!!
With the new job Im traveling more than ever and it's insane. There's not one plane or car that leaves at a normal time. Everytime I have to travel, I have to be ready by 4 am!!! And once I'm up I can't get to sleep.
Though I have to say I loooove my new job. I really really love it!! It's awesome!! My boss is amazing, Im learning sooo much!!!

I still havent seen the last 4 eps of SPN. I watched a bunch last sunday and loved them. This season was good and I guess Im a bit afraid to watch them cause I dont want it to be over.
Im like that, I still haven't seen the last ep of true blood even though I looove that series!
The same with Lost. I saw the first 2 seasons. Stoped watching and last year saw season 5. Which was funny because I would bug my cousin until he explained whats going on. But this season with the traveling Im behind since ep 13!! Maybe this weekend Ill lie in bed and watch tv all weekend long!!!
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no it's not that old trance song (i'm pretty sure that was the first one I ever heard, and if you don't know it them i'm too old)
it's 2:28 am and I'm wide awake, which wouldn't matter if I didn't have to work tomorrow...
the good thing is that even though I had promised myself I would write more in my lj I think this is my first post of the year.
Anyway, I have a job now so yay me! it's great I love it and my boss is awesome, at last i don't have a bipolar boss that want's the impossible and gets mad when I get it for them!!!
I had 3 jobs in the last year so I'm hopping this one lasts a while.
I envy my dog... he's laying on the floor besides my bed and he's having dreams....

I spent Christmas in Florida and it was the first time in 36 years that it snowed there (I was on my way from Orlando to Miami when the snow began to fall) and 127 years since there wsa such a cold front in FL. I live in a place that has no seasons, over here it's always the same 35 40 degrees. so it's not freezing but if it's the same always it is kind of cold (though with global warming it's getting less and less cold) so even though I knew FL was not going to be hot, I was not prepared for the cold. my mom and brothers and etc all live in sunny 90 degrees every day of the year weather so they hated the cold too. my mom had to wear her pajamas under her jeans at Disney world....

I think I'm rambling now so maybe I might fall asleep now....


Dec. 23rd, 2009 07:35 am
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So, in about 45 minutes I'll be leaving on a trip with my mom, 2 brothers, 2 sisters in law, 4 nephews and one niece.....
It's going to be a nightmare, and this is me trying to be positive!!
I think I'm so negative because I'm not taking my computer so no internet for me, so nothing to read for 18 days!!!
I might go into withdrawals....
which I might be starting to feel all ready since I have the flu. 3 hrs on a plane with a baby and the flu THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME (note the sarcasm)
the good news is I've been promised an ebook reader so there's that!!
Well I'll get the time to read the GK book and fing one bullet away!
ok my mom is giving me the stink eye so

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, I just hope I survive this trip...
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My flights delayed and im boooooooored. Though im loving my glee soundtrack. Taking chances and take a bow are on repeat. It must be said that I already exahusted bust your windos, hate on me, no air and ancing with yourself.
On another note, looooove the kris allen cd, its soooo good. The music is amazing and eventhough I love adam's, kris' is more my style!
Live like we're dying is amazing!!
Ok we are finally going to board so bye bye!!

new icon

Dec. 3rd, 2009 05:03 pm
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Raise your eyes to my new icon. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, off_theground made it for me so I had to pause my criminal minds marathon just to post anything so that others can see this beauty!!

I am ecstatic!!


Also, saw Glee and I was sooo happy they sang smile (the last one not the Lilly Allen one) because ever since I heard it in the movie My Girl it has been on of my fav songs ever. it's the only lullaby I've sang to my niece and nephews that I know the entire lyrics to and kinda makes me want to cry.

So my mood today is definitively HAPPY!

icon help!

Dec. 3rd, 2009 10:37 am
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Hi is there anyone out there who can help me put a santa hat on my confused/frustrated/melancholic pink pig icon???
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So, being with out a job leaves me loads of time to watch TV, ironically, there's nothing to watch...
Project Runway, DWTS and ANTM are over, SPN is in hiatus,there's no Leverage or lost....
I'm bored!
I did see White Collar though

JUNEEEEEEEEEE small role but great presence! I love June! still hate new girl, I just don't see a reason why the sexual tension is needed, even more if we are to believe Neil loves Kate as much as he supposedly does...
Also either I'm reading too much slash or my brain is a weird place, cause all the time all I could think of was Neal/Peter.
Oh and I still love Elisabeth!White Collar )

My only solace is WC, Castle and Glee!!

last day

Nov. 14th, 2009 04:00 pm
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Yesterday was my last day of work. It was great how at the last minute they kept sending reforms to my projects. Got them done and now im jobless.
Today is my last day of class. Its sooooo boring we're role playing and it's not the fun kind!!!
Later today its the graduation ceremony. I cant wait to go hoooooooomeeeee
Wana sleeeeep!!!!!
On tuesday I can worry about jobs and stuff. Monday is a holiday so yay!!
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So does anyone know how old was John Winchester in "In the begining"?
because if he was at least 20 in there then he was 30 (more or less) when Sam was born and that means he was 53 when he died.  so in the first season he's 52....
So 5 years ago JDM looked 52? really? I guess it was the salt and pepper beard?
well if Cory Monteith 4m Glee who's 27 can pass for a teen then JDM can pass for an older man...

Another thing, it's always been on my mind how people say it's impossible for Jensen to be 6'1 ft tall because he looks so tiny next to Jared...
the thing is my older brother is that exact height and my second oldest is 6'4 ft, there's 11 months between them and everyone's always thought the taller one was older than the other.  If you see pictures of them together the taller one doesn't look just taller that the older, he looks huge! like giant! so back to j2, it is possible that Jensen is  6'1 ft tall, but standing next to Jared all of the time it's impossible for him to look anything but short.  he should hang out with shorter friends.

w/out a job

Nov. 7th, 2009 03:58 pm
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So this tuesday I'm out of a job.  again.  this has been the suckiest year ever!! Although when I was hired I was told it would only be for 3 months so I allready knew it was coming but it still sucks....

On other news SPN S05E08 was AWESOMEEEEEE

not a spoiler but the lighting made the boy look even better!! Jensen's green green eyes! pretty!
I've already watched 3 times and I never repeat an episode unless it's been a while since I've watched it.

also about leverage: can somebody tell me what happened? how con there where only 9 episodes? I know there's going to be a 3rd season but 9 eps? WTF???

White Collar: I hope this is not a spoiler: what the hell happened to my beautiful, black, lesbian, awesome Diana? and why was she replaced with this blah girl? trust me the last thing this show needs is to go the safe oh the thieve falls in love with the FBI chick and they can't be together bs.  there's enough out there.

Castle is still amazing, I finally understand the love for Nathan Fillion!

look at that my second post in a week!


Nov. 3rd, 2009 12:44 am
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I’m watching way too much tv:

DWTS:  Johanna Krupa looks way better with very little make up, she looks very pretty all sweaty and in practice (ok that didn’t sound how I wanted it to sound…) but when she comes out ready to dance she’s very off putting. Looove Derek Hough, Mya and Kelly.  I’m not as excited for this season as I was for the last one but it’s ok. Fun even.

White Collar: LOOOOOOOOOOVED it …. I love a cute guy but I also love that the FBI guy is not hot (though has a pretty good body) and it’s nice to see Tiffany Amber Thiessen in an age appropriate role. Don’t get me started with June I love her. And I love that unlike all the other shows out there, there’s not just a bunch of white people and one black, latino, asian, whatever. Even though the 2 main characters are white there’s a lot more diversity than what is usually seen in tv. I had fun.

Castle: The only reason I wanted to see it was because in the Halloween episode, Jon Huertas is dressed in camo and I’m a huge fan of Generation kill, so thanks Jon you just made me a fan. This series is fun, interesting and different. Nathan Fillion is so much fun! I love him. And his daughter is so cute. And his mom is hilarious! Makes me laugh.  I like that Stana Katic is cute but is not perfect, which lately is the main reason I can stand a female protagonist in any series. I also like that in any procedural when you see a familiar face that’s the killer but that’s not a standard here. Plus yay Aldis! I’m up to episode 7 of season 1  so I just hope it keeps on being so good!  

SPN: I’m loving the new season, loving it!

Wow, I’m full of love today!
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Yay Season 5 of SPN!!!! is it just me or this years hiatus was super short?

I must say I'm obsessed more than usually, with Jensen calling Jared son in the breakfast for the Vancouver con, the way he said it was so ahhhh I went all fangirl in my living room! it just sounded so genuine like you know that's how they talk to each other! and Jim was precious BTW thanks to agt-spooky for posting her videos for download! I loved them!

not really spoilers but under the cut anyway

LEVERAGE 2.09 )saw Adam (3rd Winchester) in the last season of ER he's so cute... and also my tv has been full of the GK actors just being the bad guys at csiny, ncis, criminal minds, etc...
but it's great to see them and go POOOKKKKEEE and if I'm with my cousin he looks at me like are u nuts?
anyway I'm trying to decide if I should watch spn now, which I did a stupid thing and was watching top chef masters in megavideo so i don't know if i'll be able to see the entire episode because megavideo only lets u see 72 minutes and it'll shut down or should i just wait til tomorrow???

i don't think i can wait....

BTW I'm a Jensen girl and he looks amazing in the pictures and videos from VanCon but Jared blew me away he looked amazing I wanted to bite him!

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I do not need a new fandom to get all obsessed about, and that is exactly why I sent las sunday watching the 7 parts of Generation Kill and the entire week reading as much fanfiction as I could...
I blame my flist which is inundated by kradam but somehow there's GK in it.

I loove this, even though it's been  a year since it aired and i'm behind in everything I love reading the fics and reactions to episodes.  I've read a lot of fanfiction but havent reviewed cause i'm a bit embarassed to be reviewing something from a year ago, it's like getting to the party at 3am, you don't really want to say hi to the hostes cause you're embarased but it's only polite to do so...

I am in love with brad/nate and a bit stalkerish of alexander skarsgard ( I even started watching true blood, it is a testament to my insanity that I submit myself to the torture that is sookie/bill just for a little eric, though tara is awesome too)

not really a spoiler but don't want to make anyone mad:

leverage 2.04 )

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Not really a spoiler but if lucifer is who I just read it is then next season of SPN is going to be awesome!!!!!! not that there was any doubt but AAAHHHHHHHH

in other news, I just got back from my moms place and my water is still on so yay!! I forgot to pay before I left so I was really worried I would have to spend the long weekend with out water...

My mom was doing her cold meat (sound gross but it's amazing) dish for my brother (her little darling) and my dog, who's been living with her for the past 3 years ate it ALL!!! but it's her fault because when he used to live with me he was very well trained and someone (cough cough my brother) taught him to eat human food so it wasn't my fault!! so today I just got to my apartment with my huge labrador dog and he's freaking out! he's smelled everything and hasn't stopped walking all over and my pooor baby!! anyone know what I can do 4 him?  I think it was the plane ride and the new place and I know planes are really really really bad for dogs but it was either come with me on the plane or be given away...
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Goooddd!!! I came to my mom's house today, it's in a different city and the only thing I can say is that it's waaaaayyyyy tooo hot, I'm melting here!! I can't move, the air conditioner is a joke and even my dog is just lying there it's sooo hoooootttttt.

on another topic )

also anyone know how to make a cut?? so that not all my rambling fills your flists?
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Why am I obsessed with American Idol season 8? why do I find Adam Lambert and Kriss Allen fascinating? and whyyyyy has this obsession include David cook and David Archuleta when I didn't even watch season 7? I only saw the ruben and clay season and that was like 4 episodes so why am I so obsessed with this?  I saw the entire 8th season over the weekend and now I'm reading fanfiction and please noooo I really have to stop because there's more to my life than reading stories all day long and SPN has me busy enough!!

Even worst I hate Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowel and I really really really can't hear Paula Abdul talk, it's uncomfortable, plus Kara is just redundant.  I hate the bad singing and the demeaning comments and it's awful....

I'm blaming my flist.
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Just because I saw it somewhere and I should really write more on my journal.

Kissed any one of your LiveJournal friends? — no
Been arrested? — no
Kissed someone you didn't like? — yes
Slept in until 5 PM? — yes
Fallen asleep at work/school? — yes
Held a snake? — no
Ran a red light? — yes
Been suspended from school? — yes
Experienced love at first sight? — no
Totaled your car in an accident? — no
Been fired from a job? — yes
Fired somebody? — yes
Sung karaoke? — yes
Pointed a gun at someone? — no
Did something you told yourself you wouldn't? — yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your eyes? — yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? — no
Kissed in the rain? — no
Had a close brush with death (your own)? — no
Saw someone die? — no
Played Spin-the-Bottle? — yes
Smoked a cigar? — yes
Sat on a rooftop? — yes
Smuggled something into another country? — no
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? — yes
Broken a bone? — no
Skipped school? — yes
Eaten a bug? — yes
Sleepwalked? — yes
Walked on a moonlit beach? — yes
Ridden a motorcycle? — no
Dumped someone? — yes
Forgotten your anniversary? — no
Lied to avoid a ticket? — yes
Ridden in a helicopter? — yes
Shaved your head? — no
Blacked out from drinking? — yes
Played a prank on someone? — no
Hit a home run? — no
Felt like killing someone? — yes
Cross-dressed? — no
Been falling-down drunk? — yes
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? — yes
Eaten snake? — no
Marched/Protested? — yes
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? — no
Puked on an amusement ride? — no
Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? — yes
Been in a band? — no
Knitted? — no
Been on TV? — no
Shot a gun? — no
Skinny-dipped? — no
Given someone stitches? — no
Eaten a whole habenero pepper? — no
Ridden a surfboard? — no
Drunk straight from a liquor bottle? — yes
Had surgery? — yes
Streaked? — no
Been taken by ambulance to a hospital? — no
Tripped on mushrooms? — no
Passed out when NOT drinking? — no
Peed on a bush? — yes
Donated Blood? — yes
Grabbed electric fence? - no
Eaten alligator meat? - no
Eaten cheesecake? — yes
Eaten your kids' Halloween candy? — no
Killed an animal when NOT hunting? — no
Peed your pants in public? — no
Snuck into a movie without paying? — yes
Written graffiti? — yes
Still love someone you shouldn't? — no
Think about the future? — yes
Been in handcuffs? — no
Believe in love? — yes
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? — yes

????? don't know what that says about me.....

it sucks

May. 29th, 2009 08:14 am
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my life sucks, I don't want to live it anymore, I want  a new one, I want a refund, I want out!! I don't have a good job, I'm earning half of what I used to earn last year and now my asshole roommate is leaving and I'll have to pay this huge apartment that I got just because of him and he guaranteed he was going to be here for a while and it's been less than a year, it's the second time I make the mistake of living with someone 4m family and it sucks.

I want 2009 to end and 2010 to come now, this year sucks...

a rec

Apr. 18th, 2009 07:12 pm
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this is a great read. it's up to part 2 with 41 chapters and it's soooo goooooood!!!! I love it, it's well written, long, inteligent and completely awesome!  go read...

Title:Eventing AU – Masterpost - WIP
Author: [personal profile] pekover
Fandom: CW RPS, mostly Jared, Jensen, and Jeff
Pairing: Jared/Jensen/Jeff, variations thereof
Rating: eventual R? (maybe eventual NC-17)
Summary: Jensen Ackles is a horse trainer in an eventing barn. When Jared Padalecki's little sister decides that she'd like an eventing horse, fate brings the Padaleckis (and their trainer, Jeff Morgan) into Jensen's life. Will he ever be able to get them out? Will he want to?


Jan. 29th, 2009 08:13 pm
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yay! tonight Dean in shorts!!! love it! I just finished  watching episode 2  from season 1 "Wendigo" and this conversation took place:
Roy: You're rangers?
Dean Winchester: That's right.
Haley Collins: And you're hiking out in biker boots and jeans?
Dean Winchester: Oh sweetheart, I don't do shorts.

well it's season 4 and Dean is wearing shorts tonight! and if we count the lederhosen in monster movie it's 2 times he's worn shorts!!!!
poor Dean he's loosing cool points!


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